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Update: We have decided to cancel Ojos Negros 2021 - our event brings together a large number of international participants. Under given circumstances, we cannot run our event as we would like. In a few countries you can already dance again, but in other countries the infection numbers are rising again. Considering all the risks, we have come to the conclusion to cancel this year's event in October. All participants who have already paid will receive a refund and a personal message. We hope that by fall 2022 the situation will have calmed down so that we can finally hold our third edition.

OJOS NEGROS Tango Weekend in Kazbegi is a non-profit event organized by Anna and Waldemar for their present and future tango friends.

Located on the northern slopes of the mighty Caucasus Mountains, Stephantsminda (also called Kazgebi) is the capital of Georgia’s Kazbegi region. The gorgeous little town with breathtakingly beautiful views on Kazbek Mountain (or Mkinvartsveri; 5,047 metres above sea level) and the 14th century Gergety Trinity Church is just 2,5 hours away from Tbilisi.

For your first impression, scroll up and check out the eye-catching photograph taken from our venue – a designed hotel Rooms Hotel KazbegiThis wonderful place is where we would like to invite everyone who shares our passion for dancing and travelling.