How to get there

How to get there

Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) is 2,5 hours away from the venue. There are direct flights from neighbouring as well as Eastern and Western European countries. Furthermore,  following the Visa Liberalisation agreements, which mean that neither EU nor Georgian citizens need a visa anymore to visit each other, some new routes between Tbilisi and European cities are currently being established. 

Kutaisi Internaitonal Airport (KUT) is located 3,5 hours away from Tbilisi and about 6 hours away from our venue in Stepantsminda. Thanks to WIZZ-AIR – Central and Eastern Europe’s largest low-cost airline – there are many budget direct flights from various European cities.

Vladikavkaz International Airport (OGZ) is less than an hour drive to Kazbegi. There are shared minibuses (Marshrutkas) leaving from Vladikavkaz train station or Bus station 1 to Tbilisi. They all stop in Kazbegi. The distance is only 45 km, but it can take more time because of the boarder crossing. 

We will organise transfer Shuttle Buses on Friday and Monday from Tblisi city centre to the venue with stops at the Ananuri fortress, the Zhinvali Water Reservoir and the Russian-Georgian friendship momunent, just called “panorama” because of it’s breathtaking view. Furthermore we will assist everybody by organising affordable transportations from and to all the airports at any time. Nobody needs to worry about how to get there or come back. If somebody wants to organise their trip by themselves there are marshrutkas leaving from the Didube Bus Station in Tbilisi until 5 pm.

Travel Georgia

Even though it is totally worth visiting Georgia only for the Tango Weekend, it would be also a chance for you to see more of this beautiful country. Located at the crossroads where East meets West and with a unique cultural history and stunning natural beauty, Georgia remains one of Europe’s last hidden gems.  

Mediterranean climate, Black Sea coast, modern cities and remote villages, ancient famous vineyards nurtured by wine growers using techniques from over 8000 years ago (UNESCO Heritage), amazing hospitality of the Georgian people. . . and much more in one country!