Venue & Accomodation

Accomodation options:


The village of Stepantsminda (called also Kazbegi)  is one of the major touristic destinations in Georgia, and so there are a variety of options for accommodation, apart from the luxurious Rooms Hotel. You can find a bunch of guest houses and mid-range hotels with affordable prices (starting from 5-10 EUR per night) on Airbnb,, google or Tripadvisor. When you book your accommodation choose one not to far from the venue as the village is widely spread on a big slope.

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

Our venue is Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, the most visited and internationally awarded design hotel suite in Stepantsminda. The alpine retreat offers panoramic views to be enjoyed from equally atmospheric indoors.

 “When the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi opened in 2012, it finally brought city-worthy digs and amenities to the highlands of northern Georgia.” (VOGUE)

Dancing venue, Snacks and Dinner

Accomodation options

1. Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

There is a special booking link for the participants of OjosNegros23 with discount – remember, rooms is certainly the most beautiful and comfortable accommodation for the weekend, but not the only one. There are many guesthouses around the venue for every budget.

Tip: definitely book a room with a mountain view! there are options to book a single/double/triple – write us if you are interested in sharing a room, we will connect you.

2. List of Guesthouses nearby starting from less than 10 EUR per night.

Almost every house in Stepantsminda is a guesthouse and most of the hosts are really friendly and happy to welcome you. Just take into account that the village is widely spread and therefore it is convenient to book a guesthouse close to the venue. Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is located on the east slope at the end of the village, with the best view to Mount Kazbek. 


1. open, airbnb, googlemaps, tripadvisor or similar webpages

2. type: Stepantsminda (Mtkheta-Mtineti, Georgia)

3. check availability for the dates of OjosNegros Tango weekend

4. open the map-view and check if the location is close to rooms hotel

5. book and enjoy your stay.

Here some example guesthouses close to the venue